Embrace your Wyrd folks, we do and it makes life so much easier.

  • I mentioned at the after party for the movie this summer that my youngest was Wyrd
  • and the lady I was talking to was scandalized because I called my kid that
  • but really she is so I just mentally rolled my eyes
  • (waaaaait for it….)
  • This is of course after I was sitting there having a snack and a drink
  • and when not only a couple minutes earlier I had asked my 7 year old if she wanted something to eat and drink
  • she said “NO
  • and so of course when this lady who was trying to be nice offered to get my kid something
  • she was all for it…
  • and I looked like a lump for sitting there snacking while my kid had nothing…
  • Yep, that’s my luck standing up and waving a flag of “hey, howdy, hi” right there

THAT sequence of events right there IS OUR chaotic WYRD in a nutshell. Our family has more zany, odd, or extremely out of the ordinary situations per quota than anyone else we know.

So we just roll with it…And laugh at it, we actually laugh at a lot of things come to think of it, and our youngest inherited a double dose of the haha gene which makes for some interesting conversations let me tell you.

But what’s Wyrd?

Wyrd is something that is continually happening (kinda like our strange family luck…it’s not good or bad, just constant and a direct result of our own actions (or inactions)  In our house life  itself is like a plate of noodles, an interconnected series of events if you will, each affecting the other throughout the day. Like the domino effect that happens when you try to finish doing all the laundry only to discover that you can’t because you’ve mysteriously run out of room in your drawers [shrug] Soooo, you can’t clear off the top of the dryer where you’ve put the folded stuff because you’ve got nowhere to put it, so the laundry room stays unfinished which means you can’t put that new mega bottle of laundry soap on the dryer (the shelves of course are full too) so it sits next to the dryer on the floor and when you go to let the dog out in the evening you trip on the bottle and spill your coffee all over the stack of clean clothes.

Really though this wouldn’t have happened if I actually

A. Got a larger dresser so everything would fit (or a second one)

B. Put up last seasons clothes (but it’s Florida and yesterday I had to wear shorts in December)

C. Found another place for my serger(that’s a kind of sewing machine for those who don’t know) rather than the shelf of my armoire

D. Pared down the the bare essentials

[sigh] There’s a ton of other things attached to any of those choices though.  I think I need a bigger house is what it boils down to.  At least I didn’t misplace my coffee cup that night, just what was in it, lol.

Wyrd, once you understand it can be worked, I think the very best description I have ever read of it is from Urban Dictionary.

The web of cause-and-effect that permeates the universe. The Germanic/North European equivalent of karma. Not to be understood as an externally-controlling fate but rather as the natural consequences of one’s own actions; each person shapes their own wyrd. There are also family wyrd and national wyrd, which are shaped by the actions of the group as a whole. Wyrd, therefore, does not control our lives, it just responds to our own actions according to orlog, the fundamental law that governs the workings of our world.“This is my wyrd, woven from the threads I have provided by my past thoughts and actions; I myself have designed the unfolding pattern of my life.”via Urban Dictionary: Author Aelswyth Alansdohter.

So, to take our personal stab at defining the (wyrd in our life into layman terms…

You just can’t make this stuff up 🙂

Welcome to the blog, ~Christy

Because you can’t make this stuff up…